Swedish Midsummer + Flower crowns
! Playing a fun game of kubb... Our lovely midsummer evening was complete with Swedish flag and of course, a Volvo! Our international midsummer feast! Swedish Midsummer + Flower crowns traditional midsummer parade and of course, made our very own lovely midsummer crowns! It was quite a ... This video should be a sufficient explanation of how we get down on midsummer... How lovely to midsummer
Swedish Midsummer Traditions... Maypoles and More Maypoles!
Swedish Midsummer Traditions... Maypoles and More Maypoles! anytime we did something silly our excuse was that we were still a bit tipsy from midsummer! Hey, just in June, on the longest day of the year. There is a rich traditional way of celebrating midsummer in , "Midsummer rivals Christmas as the most important holiday of the year due to the copious amounts of We were invited to celebrate Swedish midsummer with a large group of CS people in Darlarna, Sweden about 4 hours northwest of Stockholm. Midsummer celebrations take place during the summer solstice midsummer
Weekend Wanderings: Best Kept Secret Festival
! Midsummer's Eve one night and the Super Moon on the next! Nature is simply magical. It rained. A lot
Adventures in Stockholm
for our midsummer trip at Belinda’s lovely house. She was one of our favorite people from the trip
One day in Oslo
morning. Unfortunately, I had been terribly sick a few days prior (a little too much Midsummer fun
Stockholm City Guide
instance, we wouldn't have known about the epic international midsummer party had I not met Belinda
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