German Village Fair

Heading back from Berlin, we decided it would be fun to stop in a German town along the way. Having been stuck in terrible holiday season traffic, we were long overdue to stretch our legs.

Somewhere in between Hannover and Amsterdam, we found Rinteln, a village along the Wesser River dating back to 1150. It was a quick visit, just enough time to pick up a postcard for Granny (my forever penpal), grab a beer and check out the little village fair. 

Come on, how cute is their town square!? This is the dreamy stuff fairy tales are made of...

This is place really is what fairy tales are made of. Here's a fun fact... On our way down the hill, into Rinteln, we passed the village of Hamelin, as in the Rattenvanger van Hamelen... Still don't get it? This is the where the Pied Piper lured the rats away. Ha!

Lucky for us, a summer fair was happening in Rinteln. We wandered the fair, munched on some garlicky cauliflower and mushrooms and rode on rickety, colorful ferris wheel that dated back to 1880s. 

We enjoyed a Greek salad while listening to a German band cover hits of Donna Summers and other 80s disco songs. Which, I suppose is exactly what you're supposed to do at a little village fair like this. 

Sunset along the Weser and road trip lights heading back into Holland...