Autumn in Vondelpark

While shooting content for a new project, I made my way through Vondelpark towards Amsterdam’s affluent Oud Zuid neighborhood on an autumn afternoon.

Akin to Amsterdam’s Central Park, our beloved Vondelpark is typically associated with the lush, green days of summer. However, this time of year, I was lucky to catch some of the last remaining, bold colored autumn leaves in during the quiet moment just before a rain storm arrived, forcing us back indoors.

Autumn inspires it’s own unique revival, as nature - and life - slow down in preparation for a season of hibernation, reflection and growth for the coming year. I still can’t believe we’ve already reached December and winter will surely be settling in soon enough.


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Summer Stroll through Vondelpark

This summer, July was all about focusing on my personal creative work, like relaunching my blog (welcome back, by the way!) getting to know my new Canon 5d Mark IV and catching up with friends who were neglected while I was swamped with client projects. Andra (@Amsterdamming) and I were long overdue for some girl talk so we met up to chat over coffee and quiche on a rainy afternoon. Lucky for us, the clouds eventually parted to reveal a bit of blue and just enough sunshine to make us smile. Our cameras in hand, we set out for an afternoon stroll through Vondelpark which was surprisingly very quiet thanks to the previously dismal weather. 

Having already lived in so many different pockets of the city, I must say this area near Vondelpark is my favorite neighborhood yet. Nothing beats being a few steps away from the park. It is a living, breathing creature itself. Vondelpark is such a big space, there are spots to see and be seen and other hidden corners where you can easily forget that you’re in the middle of a metropolis like Amsterdam.


On this particular day, I found inspiration in the sunshine that filtered down through the trees, rich shades of green, textured leaves and the fat raindrops on the soft, peachy petals in the Rose Garden. When looking back over these photos, I can almost still feel the thick, humid air that encompassed us.

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