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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer in Vondelpark

Vondelpark is summertime and this year, Amsterdam's treasured park celebrated its 150th anniversary!

In the few weeks since my return to Amsterdam, I've probably already cycled through Vondelpark at least a dozen times. I've laid in the grass with my book, enjoyed a few picnics, watched the world go by from the Blauwe Theehuis, attempted some pathetic forms of exercise, and successfully finished my share of wine and snacks from a picnic blanket.

Vondelpark is synonymous with Amsterdam and this historic park simply comes alive when the days get longer during summer and trees are exploding with all shades of green. People are everywhere- rollerblading, cycling, or wandering carefree (until someone dings a bike bell at them). Kids can do their thing at variety of playgrounds and those, like me, who enjoy a drink on a sunny terrance have a few options too. Everyone else settles down for a picnic, BBQ or leisurely rest in the sun...which fortunately doesn't even set until at least 10pm during the summer months!

During my au-pair days we gathered in Vondelpark religiously, following the motto "Sun's out, let's picnic!" Every Amsterdammer surely has their favorite spot but I might keep mine a secret for now.

If you've ever enjoyed time in Vondelpark you may have seen the bright green parakeets who live there. On my first sighting, I couldn't believe my eyes to see such a tropical bird living wild here in the city. And did you know there are more than 70 types of roses in the rose garden?

Heading to Vondelpark this summer? You may want to check out the open air theatre offering an agenda full of free performances!

Also check out a 4th of July picnic, a sunny day videowinter scenes and winter photos when I'd first moved to Amsterdam (and it was so cold!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekend Wanderings: Florida's Best Beach

With the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Florida's 1,350 miles of sandy, sunny, palm sprinkled coastline offer innumerable beach going days. As you can imagine, upon my return to the Sunshine State blue skies called my name and I flocked to the beach as much as possible.

You may think that with so much coast, it'd be hard to pick a favorite beach spot but for me, there is only one beach. Playa Linda aka "The Best Beach" between my friends and I. Unlike other eastern shores, cars are (thankfully!) not allowed at Playa Linda as it belong to a protected marine area belonging to the Canaveral National Sea Shore. And for those of you interested, clothing is optional in some areas too.

Twenty-four miles of undeveloped coast plump with sea turtle nests during the spring and summer months.

No cars, no houses, no shops. Just beach... as it should be. 

Playa Linda is quite literally a beautiful beach...

After receiving news of my acceptance to all three of my graduate school applications in the Netherlands (!!!) I knew my Florida beach time would soon come to a long pause, so I quickly opted to soak all the sunshine (Yes. All. Of. It.) and headed to the beach almost weekly before my time ran out. This was somewhat of a challenging endeavor what, with all the bits and pieces that come with moving abroad (again!).

Before flying back to Holland together, my Dutchman and I spent one more day at Playa Linda, after a morning of paddle boarding close by. An impending storm was headed inland and once a few rain drops sprinkled down, the other visitors packed up and left one by one. Eventually, we had the entire beach all to ourselves...

...Until a park ranger drove by and told us it was closing time. We took our sweet time to head out and paused at nearly all the look out points for one last view of arguably, the very best beach.

This morning I'm looking out our kitchen window here in Amsterdam and watching the grey clouds drizzle. I can't help but think back to the salty sea breeze, sun pinched skin, warm sand between my toes back in Florida. To be fair, since returning to our canal filled city, the weather has been surprisingly warm and sunny with dreary days as the major influence to when I actually sit down at my computer.

Rainy days may lend credit for my productivity but I'm wishing you sunshine where ever you are!

Monday, November 11, 2013

[Snapshots] Golden Hour in Amsterdam

Earlier in November we had a few lucky, warm days and headed out to explore the city by boat, my favorite way to enjoy Amsterdam's uniquely charming scenery. As a bonus, my pal Rachel upgraded to a new camera and gifted her used one to me just before she headed off for an exciting around the world trip. I put it to good use and snapped a ton of pictures of the changing season and iconic architecture around town (thanks Rachy!)

During this particular boat ride, we tried making it home before sunset which happens so early now that winter is quickly approaching. We floated along the Prinsengracht, one of Amsterdam's most famous scenic canals, while the sun was lowering. Fortunately, I had the chance to capture a few pictures during the illusive golden hour (or magic hour) right before the sun completely sank away. An orange glow drenched the streets, houses and trees, isn't this gorgeous golden hue ideal for autumn? What perfect timing!

PS. Speaking of the golden hour, have you ever heard of the Manhattanhenge phenomena?
It's amazing! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

[Snapshots] Summer boating in Amsterdam

We're experiencing some very crazy winds here in Amsterdam, blowing up to 70 miles an hour and tress collapsing all around the centre. You know things are really getting stirred up when even Vondelpark is closed! Since the fire department has advised everyone to stay inside, I'm snuggled up with a cup of tea, sitting by the window watching as golden leaves get whipped off the branches and flipping through the hundreds of pictures just waiting to be edited. Mornings like this make autumn even more cosy and now is the perfect time to reflect on sunnier times this summer.

After finally going through a few more rounds of pictures from the dozens of boat rides we took this past summer it seemed time to share them, better late than never... My, how time flies!

Oh, nostalgia. Reflecting is also a reminder of how quickly time passes, especially the fun parts! Living the 'expat life' your paths constantly cross as chapters open and close so quickly. It's crazy to think Rachel and Christian are already on their way to wed in Mexico when seems like just yesterday we were all floating the canals with a glass of wine and the occasional kazoo in hand!

I've said it once and I'll say it again, there are so many great ways to explore Amsterdam, by foot, by bike and most distinctively, by boat! My Dutchman and I first bonded over boating and have enjoyed so many fun boat rides together in the last few years. From cruising the historic canals to floating down the Amstel River, through the countryside or heading to the IJmeer or taking the adventure out to Amsterdam's Nieuwemeer...

At this point, I'm not sure if I've seen more of the city by bicycle or from the water! Either way, exploring by boat is truly a unique way to view Amsterdam and there are so many hilarious memories that go along with enjoying life on the water.

Goodbye summer sun, hello golden autumn. Now I'm off to filter through the next hundred photos snapped during our more recent (windier) autumn boat rides. Tot ziens!

Friday, September 13, 2013

September Photo a Day Challenge | Part One

Australian blogger FatMumSlim organizes the photo a day challenge and thought it would be fun to participate in another round  (see the MarchPhotoADay project here)

Here's part one of my September photo a day challenge. I'll be sharing my photos here and posting a few on instagram too. Follow along with me (@lilywanderlust and #fmsphotoaday) or better yet, join us!

Day 1 Together brushes and ink | Day 2 My name begins with... | Day 3 Lines sun salutations
Day 4 Alone yoga is my solitude | Day 5 Here forever reflections | Day 6 Getting ready
Day 7 White  in the kitchen | Day 8 Made by me I love berry picking | Day 9 On the wall vintage bits
 Day 10 Sweet crumb cake | Day 11 What you did today market shopping | Day 12 Shadow biking home

The aesthetics of daily life fascinate me and luckily, Amsterdam's cityscape provides an outstanding backdrop. It's so tempting to snap scenic bits of the city all the time but this project brings the focus to unexpected prompts creating a new source of daily inspirations.

If you're also a fan then check out this instagram documentary or have a look at my page (@lilywanderlust). If you joining along, leave your details in the comments below, I'd love to see 'a photo a day' from others! Happy photo snapping!

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