Sunday, April 27, 2014

Welcome, Spring

With April finishing up, spring is in full swing which means here in Florida, we're transitioning from the sunny and warm season to a long stretch of extremely hot days. This weekend, temperatures soared to points I haven't experienced in ages and oh, how I missed that melt-to-the-core warmth... a feeling rarely achievable in Holland (ha!) Chock it up to being a Florida girl, who knows, but sunshine warms my soul like nothing else can. Florida's year-round greenery is a lovely sight and a very different perspective from change of seasons that coaxes the year along as it does 'up north.'

One of the many revelations I've experienced lately is the powerful synchronization between the seasons and my spirit. In turn, this awareness brings about a new understanding and appreciation for symbolism in nature. Spring unveils a fresh chapter and rejuvenation in spirit and surroundings. Somehow winter just knows when we need a break and spring wakes us up to realize that changes are on their way.

Spring's notability for rebirth conjures buds sprouting and warm peaks of sunshine after a dark, cold winter and this symbolism couldn't be more evident to me that now. In comparison, a metamorphosis has taken place throughout my life too. My life has blossomed along with the season's change, bringing around a new light after a very difficult winter hibernation. The last few months were a much needed time of solitude for centering my spirit and reconfiguring my focus. Along with the season's transformation, I too feel more energized and ready for taking on exciting, impending changes churning in my agenda.

Watching tulips pop open in Amsterdam always brought such a feeling of wonder, and a happy relief to the long winter's end. If you're still waiting for springs revival, check out a few seasons past, in and in Paris.

Have you ever visited Amsterdam's famous flower market? Or check out last spring in Paris and Amsterdam (nearly) in bloom? The sight of so many tulips is bound to brighten your day!

Thinking of spring in Holland, and the time frame of writing this post, I can't forget to mention the Dutch celebration of Queen's Day or as it is now, King's Day. I mean, even the butterfly pictured above just happens to be an orange monarch (ha!). 2014 marked the first edition of King's Day (for the first male monarch in over a century).

Yesterday, I woke up to a handful of celebratory pictures from friends on that side of the world who were throwing on orange and taking part in a 24 hour street party. Naturally, I couldn't help the swell of homesickness for Holland that crept into my heart. I spent the first King's Day reflecting on the past few celebrations with my Dutchman and our Amsterdam friends. As expected, it was bitter sweet to recall such fun times and my heart ached to be back in Holland. Instead, I spent an entire day in the sun, at my favorite beach, with one of my best friends... a very relaxing consolation prize.

So thanks spring, for your ability to breathe new life into the world. Ideas are bubbling and I have some exciting, new stories and collaborations to share soon... Stay turned!
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