Friday, February 28, 2014

...In transition...

Oh, hello. Remember me? I'm the author of this self chronicled blog who somehow hasn't posted any new content in the last three months. There have been quite a lot of changes (que David Bowie, please) since the last time I logged into this online space of mine. Most likely, a few of you have grown tried of seeing the same post dated 'November 11, 2013' each time you refresh this page despite how pretty those pictures of Amsterdam are. Whoops!

Well, now it's time to check it with those of you who are still reading. Is anyone out there??

The last few months of silence could be summed up between cluster of excitement and chaos, bittersweet 'goodbyes' and delightful 'hellos!' The process of saying 'tot ziens' to Amsterdam was at times, not an easy one, however difficult, I was at a point where taking a little break from life abroad was the best decision. So, I'm taking some time to find my roots again here in Florida and figure out what I'd like to write on the new few black pages of my story. While making the most my worldly transition from my second home back to my first and so far, life is busy, exciting, and happy overall.

Of course, the joy is bitter sweet because the continental switch simply means I'll eventually find myself homesick for life in Holland and in turn have to maintain the digital upkeep my friendships overseas.

Making friends around the world is a funny thing. With expat life everyone you meet seems to be buzzing around from one corner of the world to the next. Fortunately, postcards are sent in abundance and that definitely keeps things interesting! 

My reintroduction to life in Florida is definitely an ongoing transition. HELLO, SUNSHINE! I missed you so much! Some days, I can't but think ...Where are all the bicycles!? Who will speak Dutch with me now? Why does a Le Chouffe cost so much? How did I live so long without having ever a margarita with a beer in it?! Oh, America, discovering your weird and wonderful ways keeps me on my toes. It's funny to be re-introduced to your own culture again.

Discovering my Floridian hometown with a foreign curiosity has definitely kept me entertained. Of course, my wanderlust is never ending so, I'm excited to adventure around this gigantic country of ours. That and soaking up lots and lots of sunshine along the way, obviously. 


In a effort to brush off the dust and figure out exactly what to do with this little blog of mine please excuse the unpredictability of updated posts (I mean, were they ever really that predictable to begin with?) Taking pictures along the way will always be an important part of my adventures, I'm just need to figure out where this blog fits in my current post-Holland life. How exactly does one do with a blog about expat life they're not currently an expat?? I plan to figure it out and in the mean time, there will be lots of exploring along the way! And for those of you still reading, dankjewel!