Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lemon Blueberry Muffins with Cinnamon Crumble

Lemon. Blueberry. Cinnamon crumble. What's not to like?

Over the course of this year, I worked full time between three jobs. Meaning at times six (or occasionally more!) days a week. It was exhausting, in so many ways, and the most frustrating part is that somehow I'm still broke. But hey, that's the price to pay for living in such a magical city as Amsterdam. With both mental and emotional exhaustion on the brink, I cut back to part time hours this summer and headed full force into the hardest job of all... looking for a new one!

While expecting an even tighter part-time working budget, I also really looked forward to filling my spare time with (low cost) creative projects. With a little extra spare time, I expected to be blogging more, crafting more, exploring more, but as it turned out this path lead me back into the kitchen.
No surprise there, since my Dutchman fantastically remodeled the space into a cosy, bakers dream.

Baking and watercolor painting have been two happy activities that seemed to calm the onslaught of nerves and migraines brought on by sending dozens of job applications and throwing myself wholeheartedly into multiple interviews which so far, have been sadly unsuccessful. If seasons changing wasn't a good enough excuse to bake, having your dreams crushed on a weekly basis is practically the perfect time for baking muffins. Baking relieves my stress and hey, eating does too.

I'll just cut to the chase and say that these muffins were delicious.
I paired them with a breakfast smoothie of freshly picked blackberries, a very good call. They're probably one of the best batch of muffins I've made recently and the dozen shared at a friend's birthday party were devoured in minutes! 

Want my advice? Lemon Blueberry Muffins are sure to make you happy, so make an extra batch of muffins to share because muffins make your friends happy too. Especially remember to share them anyone else who feels down on their luck. And don't forget the cinnamon crumble, that's the stuff smiles are made of.

Find the recipe here and yes, frozen blueberries work just fine.

Eet smaakelijk! 

PS. If you're in a serious baking mood why not try one of these muffin varieties...


  1. Those muffins look scrumptious!

    1. I've also tried this recipe by swapping other fruits for the blueberries, still delicious!