Friday, September 13, 2013

September Photo a Day Challenge | Part One

Australian blogger FatMumSlim organizes the photo a day challenge and thought it would be fun to participate in another round  (see the MarchPhotoADay project here)

Here's part one of my September photo a day challenge. I'll be sharing my photos here and posting a few on instagram too. Follow along with me (@lilywanderlust and #fmsphotoaday) or better yet, join us!

Day 1 Together brushes and ink | Day 2 My name begins with... | Day 3 Lines sun salutations
Day 4 Alone yoga is my solitude | Day 5 Here forever reflections | Day 6 Getting ready
Day 7 White  in the kitchen | Day 8 Made by me I love berry picking | Day 9 On the wall vintage bits
 Day 10 Sweet crumb cake | Day 11 What you did today market shopping | Day 12 Shadow biking home

The aesthetics of daily life fascinate me and luckily, Amsterdam's cityscape provides an outstanding backdrop. It's so tempting to snap scenic bits of the city all the time but this project brings the focus to unexpected prompts creating a new source of daily inspirations.

If you're also a fan then check out this instagram documentary or have a look at my page (@lilywanderlust). If you joining along, leave your details in the comments below, I'd love to see 'a photo a day' from others! Happy photo snapping!

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  1. Anonymous13.9.13

    Noticing the beauty of everyday is important. Being able to notice it and share it is a compliment to YOU!!!