Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oatmeal Yogurt Banana Bread Muffins

After a long drive back from Berlin and a detour through the most adorable German village, we returned to Amsterdam to a practically bare kitchen...or so I thought.

In effort to use up only what we had in the pantry, I was inspired to whip up some muffins without needing a trip to the grocery store. That's my money saving tip for solving the lack of a full time job post vacation baking experiment.

A handful of overripe bananas in the 'fridge basically always means one thing to me...
Bake banana bread muffins!

Out of flour? Make some with oatmeal!
Not enough butter? Use sun flour oil, creme fraise and some yogurt.
Don't have baking powder? Substitute with a little extra baking soda.

I used this recipe from the Honest Fare blog which was found courtesy of simple ingredient search "yogurt olive oil oatmeal banana muffins" Yup. It was easy.

Side note: I discovered Honest Fare is written by a co-founder of La Empanada, one of my favorite food trucks back home in Orlando. I've been quite homesick for Florida lately and missing old favorites like eating at the empanada food truck with my friends back home. Apparently, the internet is a small world too.

Anyway, these muffins were pretty simple to make, as muffins usually are. For me, baking is soothing and creative hobby made even better by eating what you make once the timer goes off.

Naturally, I ate one fresh out of the oven. Later, I had one for dessert with yogurt on top.
The next morning, I had another one for breakfast with a peach smoothie. Yum. 

The original recipe was slightly altered because hey, sometimes you're too broke or lazy get dressed and head to the market. All the better reason to substitute and use what ya' got. Done and done! I think these could have used a bit more flour and my batch of muffins definitely wilted (maybe because my baking power-baking soda substitution was off?) but they still were tasty!

Added 1/4 cup creme fraise + 1 tsp. ginger honey + 2 tsp vanilla extract, because well, why not?
Substituted nutmeg for pumpkin pie spice
Once cooled, add a topping of Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and honey

Happy baking!


  1. I definitely relate to your style of cooking with these muffins! Just found your blog through an Instagram hasthag, loving it! :)

    1. Hey Yolanda, thanks for stopping by my blog. Definitely let me know if you try these muffins, they're yummy!