Monday, August 26, 2013

[Snapshots] Amsterdam's Summer Skies

It's no secret that Holland is not known for blue skies.
As a matter of fact, it rains and drizzles an average of 200 days a year here, yikes!

That's why the Dutch (and I) love to complain talk about the weather. When it's bad, it's depressing and when it's good, it's amazing! Let's just be honest, most of the time Holland (even in summertime) is some sort of monochrome, overcast or grey and that easily evokes a bought of frustrations and lack of picnic parties. There's nothing to do but just make the best of it and go for a cold boat ride with a few extra layers and a rain coat on hand, right? 

Thankfully not this summer. This summer has been exceptionally magical when it comes to weather (hoera!) and I've found myself glancing up in awe, both day and night in admiration, more often than expected. On a few occasions, I've even felt obliged to head outside, despite other important tasks at hand, to simply soak up the sun while it lasts. But, I can't help myself from wondering just where those big, grey rain clouds might be hiding... could this be too good to be true?

If you've browsed this blog or my instagram then it's no surprise that practically any bit of cloud break or tiny peak of blue from up above will entice this toothy grin of mine. According to my photo roll lately, it seems I subconsciously felt a need to pay tribute to the sun's almost mystical appearance over the last few months because a lot of sky images have piled up.

One look at these shades of blue and stellar sunsets bring back happy memories of a summer well spent... outside!

Since the summer can't last forever (Florida, I miss you) I'm glad to have these images as a reminder that yes,
the sun will shine again!
And given my handful of recent 'expat life' frustrations, that's a very good thought for me to keep in mind.

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