Thursday, August 29, 2013

German Village Fair

Here's another bit from our summer road trip, we drove from Amsterdam to Berlin and back.

We had the freedom of the autobahn while heading home from Berlin and decided it would be fun to stop in a German town along the way. My Dutchman swore there would be a summer festival happening and his idea became increasingly more interesting after getting stuck in traffic for ages. We were long over due for a leg stretch. 

Somewhere in between Hannover and Amsterdam we found Rinteln, a village along the Wesser River dating back to 1150. I got a postcard to send to my Granny and took a lot of pictures to share with you.

Come on, how cute is their town square!? This is the dreamy stuff fairy tales are made of...

No, really, this is the place fairy tales are made of.
Here's a fun fact...
On our way down the hill, into Rinteln, we passed the village of Hamelin, as in the Rattenvanger van Hamelen as my Dutchman said over and over with growing enthusiasm, in a very adorable accent. 
Still don't get it? 
This is the where the Pied Piper lured the rats away. 
Good think I can check that off my list now, ha!

Luckily, a summer fair was happening in Rinteln, just as my Dutchman had promised! 
We wandered the fair, munched on some garlicky cauliflower and mushrooms and rode on rickety, colorful ferris wheel that dated back to 1880s or something of the sort. I'm kind of obsessed with it now.

Then, we had a Greek salad while listening to a German band cover hits of Donna Summers and other 80s disco songs which I guess is just what you do at a fair like this.. Dorky fun is still fun okay? 

Sunset along the Weser and road trip lights heading back into Holland. 
I hope we can take more car adventures soon! It's a lot different kind of fun versus taking the train especially if we can stop in random places (and as long as I don't have to drive).

So tell me, where should we go next? Germany, Luxembourg and France are of course the closest to us geographically... Any suggestions? 


  1. You found the Pied Piper Village, that's so cool!
    I think cheesy music is a requirement of European summer festivals... the festival in my village plays 'Cotton Eyed Joe' every summer.
    And of course I think you should go to France next, but I'm biased :)

    1. Hey Sara! I'm sure we will head to France again soon since my Dutchman and I have a few friends living outside of Paris.

      PS. No joke: There's a boat named 'Cotton Eye Joe' in Amsterdam that always seems to cruise past us! haha