Saturday, August 24, 2013

'This Train'

Whatever you're doing, press pause, and take a moment to jump back into history. 

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of The March on Washington and Dr. King's eloquent "I Have A Dream" speech, Chicago public radio station in WBEZ aired impacting interviews of activists while traveling by train. 

The other evening I was enjoying an quiet evening, painting at home and streaming public radio when I got hooked on this special edition programming on The Afternoon Shift and couldn't bare to turn off hearing first hand stories of the Civil Rights movement.

Chicago radio broadcaster Studs Terkel interviewed activists en route from Chicago to DC for a March in Washington. You should also listen to his incredible interview series titled 'This Train.'

There's just something special about listening to someones voice, hearing their emotions and taking in their memory for a moment. It really resonated with me.

In addition to the captivating personal stories, top hits from the Civil Rights era, like Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, James Brown and The Staple Sisters were also shared. If I had't been painting this evening could have easily turned into a dance party! Check out the playlist here.

Bravo WBEZ, two thumbs up, and thanks for airing this kind of enlightening programming. 

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