Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Wanderings: Best Kept Secret Festival

Happy Friday, my friends! Summer crashed it's way into Amsterdam and brought on a whirlwind busy schedule that involves as much outdoors time as possible a thus, a little neglect (with the best intentions!) here on this blog of mine. There are so many stories to tell, so in an effort to catch up, prepare to be inundated with this massive collection of photos from the Best Kept Secret Festival.

This time last week three weeks ago, I piled into the car with my backpack and camping essentials heading "down south" for three days of music and camping at the first ever Best Kept Secret Festival near Tilburg. Can you believe this was my first full out camping in the rain and listening to music all day long trip?? The opportunity finally presented itself and I'm so glad not to have missed out on this wild adventure! It was exciting, exhausting, hilarious and nothing short of amazing!

Sigur Ros, live. Finally!
Sigur Ros rounded out three days of live music with a sparkling finishing touch. I've wanted to see them live for a decade and it was well worth the wait!

I'm not much of a music snob and love discovering new sounds but there were so many bands performing it was kind hard to keep track. Okay, it's also possible that too much beer may have aided in my lack of memory but hey, that's half the fun, isn't it?

A few of my favorite performances included...
Damien Rice, Cashmere Cat, Local Natives, Everything Everything, Potishead, Alt-J, Palma Violets, Agnes Obel, Temples, Allah-Las and so many more! But for me, Cashmere Cat and Sigur Ros topped it all!

Of course, since this is Holland, it rained throughout the entire festival. We kept our fingers crossed for nice weather but like they say, you can't win 'em all. There was no choice but to trudge through the mud in our wellies, beers in hand and made the best of it. Days began with swims in the pool, flowing into hours and hours of music and dancing and ended with rainy walks, blistered feet and long talks in the woods. Four large tents filled the space with constant music, two along the lake shore and two more hidden amongst the forest. Dreamy! Here are some more captured moments, enjoy!

If the sun had popped out a bit longer you can bet we'd definitely taken the chance to float in the lake while listening to the music play on and on. A few degrees warmer and no doubt the rain would have made a massive muddy dance party but no one seems interested (or warm enough) to peal back all their layers, myself included.

Tasty bites from the food trucks: Veggie gyros for lunch and mini donuts for a midnight snack!

Midsummer's Eve one night and the Super Moon on the next! Nature is simply magical.

It rained. A lot.  

Camping life. Nothing beats a few days in the open air, sleeping under the stars!

Morning view from our tent, waking up in nature makes me happy.

 Since the festival itself sold out I suppose it's not much of a secret anymore but I can't wait to go back. Goodbye, festival life, see you next year!

 Wishing you a happy and hopefully sunny weekend. Do you have any great festival memories? Feel free to share them! In the mean time, you can keep up with me on instagram (@lilywanderlust) 


  1. I think it's kind of funny that outdoor music festivals are so popular in a country where it can be so rainy. Lowlands, PinkPop, North Sea Jazz Festival, Zand, etc. But I guess Dutch people are pretty resilient. :)

    1. Hey Amy! haha I was thinking the same thing! When it's "festival season" around here the agenda fills with fun out door programs and festivals but then the weather goes all wrong. Ahhhh, gotta love life in Holland :)

  2. Despite the rain, it looks like you had an amazing time! I've definitely taken note of the bands you liked. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hello sweet Carly! I think you'd really like Agnes Obel, definitely check her out! I hope you're enjoying Portland as much as it seems on your darling instagrams, big kisses from Amsterdam! x

  3. I'm sold - will have to make sure to get to that one next year! Fun!

  4. Anonymous16.7.13

    Fabulous adventure, rain and all!!!