Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A few days in Paris: Panoramas

I know, I know, it's kind of taking me a while to get through all of my Paris posts from our trip this spring but that's not for lack of trying. I average about 50 hour work weeks and soak up most of my socializing on weekends and if the weather's nice (hurry up, summer!) my motivation for spending more time behind the computer time shrinks significantly. But then again, if I weren't so busy living life I probably wouldn't have much to share on this little ole blog of mine, right??! So, here we are back to reflecting on a few days in Paris...

As part of my 27th birthday celebration, I headed to Paris this spring with one of my best friends from back home. It was her first trip to Europe and I'm happy to report that in the end, she liked Amsterdam better than Paris! I swear, it didn't take me twisting her arm for that one, ha! 

Many of you are well aware (thanks to my complaints about it feeling like autumn in May) that the weather this spring has been borderline terrible. We had snow in APRIL, come on! But, we made the best of our girls trip despite the cold, rain and grey skies. We trekked around Paris, caught up on life and made frequent stops to rest our aching feet and warm up over lattes and macarons. Nothing wrong with that but a little more warmth and sunshine would have been very much appreciated.

There's just something special about Parisian cityscapes and panoramic snapshots seemed to capture it quite nicely. Enjoy! 

Ending with our one and only blue skied, sunny day which we spent wandering around Montmartre. I'l post more about that day soon, promise! Happy Travel Tuesday, feel free to share your links below too. 


  1. Two things: mmm, macarons! And your sky-line photos are stunning!

  2. Oh, I love Paris! great pics!