Monday, June 17, 2013

[Snapshots] Summer is on its way

Another fun, action packed weekend has passed and here we are, back to Monday once again. Now that the weather is finally shaping up (yay!) we've been taking my Dutchman's boat out as much as possible. As in, week night boat rides, boating through the canals, boating to the IJ flea market, boating through the general we're boating all the time. Sometimes even a few times a week!

Simply put, I live for warm(er) weather, sunshine makes me feel alive! Plus, boat rides always seem to  turn into a wild adventure on the boat and those summer memories can't be beat. I'm constantly snapping pictures to capture each fleeting moment (or sunset, ice cream cone, cute bike, tasty beer, etc) especially because this time of year is filled with few heartfelt 'good-byes' to very dear friends.

There's something special about Holland finally thawed out from winter's frost. Morning breaks earlier, the sun sets later and all the while it seems that time flies by faster even with the extra hours of sunlight!  I'd like to issue the pollen a 'cease and desist' order as it makes sneeze like crazy but it still won't keep me from going outside on a lovely day. And am I the only one who is amazed we're already in mid-June!? Oh my. Blogging has been on my back burner lately, there are just too many fun distractions to tend to but here's a bit of what I've been up to the last few weeks...

Riding bikes is much more fun in the sunshine. Plus, Rijksmuseum bike tunnel has finally reopened!

Bargain hunting at the NDSM Werf flea market where I ate a very unique pancake and bought a vintage 35mm camera made in East Germany. I can't wait to snap some pictures and get the film processed! 

Lots and lots (and lots!) of Mexican food.
It's becoming a (multi)weekly occurrence and the only way to go is homemade! 

Sunny days in Vondelpark. Finally!

A day trip to The Hague.

So many boating adventures!
Good friends, bluegrass songs, sunshine, beers and lovely Amsterdam as our background...
who could ask for more?! Boating is such a special part of my life in Amsterdam. 

Life is good and summer is on its way! I'm excited for more boat rides, sunshine and adventures plus, music festivals, picnics, camping, food festivals, day trips out of the city and so much more!
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What are you looking forward to this summer?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A few days in Paris: Panoramas

I know, I know, it's kind of taking me a while to get through all of my Paris posts from our trip this spring but that's not for lack of trying. I average about 50 hour work weeks and soak up most of my socializing on weekends and if the weather's nice (hurry up, summer!) my motivation for spending more time behind the computer time shrinks significantly. But then again, if I weren't so busy living life I probably wouldn't have much to share on this little ole blog of mine, right??! So, here we are back to reflecting on a few days in Paris...

As part of my 27th birthday celebration, I headed to Paris this spring with one of my best friends from back home. It was her first trip to Europe and I'm happy to report that in the end, she liked Amsterdam better than Paris! I swear, it didn't take me twisting her arm for that one, ha! 

Many of you are well aware (thanks to my complaints about it feeling like autumn in May) that the weather this spring has been borderline terrible. We had snow in APRIL, come on! But, we made the best of our girls trip despite the cold, rain and grey skies. We trekked around Paris, caught up on life and made frequent stops to rest our aching feet and warm up over lattes and macarons. Nothing wrong with that but a little more warmth and sunshine would have been very much appreciated.

There's just something special about Parisian cityscapes and panoramic snapshots seemed to capture it quite nicely. Enjoy! 

Ending with our one and only blue skied, sunny day which we spent wandering around Montmartre. I'l post more about that day soon, promise! Happy Travel Tuesday, feel free to share your links below too.