Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My twenty seventh birthday was a surreal day, filled with fun and some of my favorite people from back home and abroad and of course, many of my many yummy bites to eat.

Of course, 27 isn't that old but this morning after dropping Jolie off at the airport, it hit me that I moved to Amsterdam at the ripe age of 23 (and to think I felt so mature at the time, ha!). Now that my darling friend is back on her flight home, it's really hit me how amazingly quickly time passes. Where did the time go!? I'm so glad to have this little blog as a space to capture memories, both big and small.

Origionaly, I hadn't planned much for my birthday since a two-week visit from Jolie, (one of my best hometown friends) also included a long weekend in Paris together. Adding in a quick visit from my Mom was plenty to ring in the occasion. But, as the day went by a few other friends wanted to join in the fun, so last Wednesday ended up becoming quite a random, social day celebrations! What luck!

We started out with a girls brunch and a visit to see the Van Gogh collection at The Hermitage museum. The exhibit was packed with touristic chaos, but we made up for dealing with crazy crowds by meeting my sweet Mother who so thoughtfully brought a bottle of my favorite South African wine. We sat together in the sunshine and enjoyed a street side choir outside of the Carre Theater, a fun touch despite hardly understand the meaning of their old Amsterdam songs. 

 Who wouldn't want to snuggle a teeny tiny puppy on their birthday!?

Naturally, the bottle emptied quickly in due timing to the weather cooling off. So, we made our way back home to see my Dutchman for an evening drink. Leave it to my jet setting mother to bake my favorite almond cake and drag it all the way to Amsterdam. In our family, birthdays aren't complete with out a homemade almond cake!

Later, we trekked into the city center and stuffed our selves with sushi. The ensuing food coma was both delicious and useful since Jolie and I had a 5.30am wake up call to catch our train to Paris

Clearly, this day was a big step up from spending most of the day hiding from the rain at home, alone, like I did last year (no worries, there were evening drinks with friends too). And who doesn't love the abundant outpour of sweet, messages from friends near and far? A big thanks goes out to everyone who celebrated with me, in person and abroad (and to those who have read through this very long winded post)!

Honestly, my heart is still overwhelmed with how much positive energy was sent my way. What a lucky start to kick off a new year.  I have some big hopes and it seems that just one week in, year 27 already has many good things on the horizon! 


  1. what a perfect birthday!!

  2. What a lovely day! Can't wait to hear about Paris!

    1. I'll definitely be posting about Paris soon, thanks for stoping by!

  3. Happy Birthday blogger friend! What an awesome birthday.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. Thanks Bonnie, very sweet :)

  4. Anonymous11.4.13

    A lovely Happy Birthday to you...sunshine on the Amstel for vino was a welcome surprise after your extremely cold winter. Happy Spring, too!