Friday, April 19, 2013

Signs of spring in Amsterdam

It seems that spring has (finally!) arrived here in Amsterdam...
and this time, I'm sure if it!

This week has been hectic but in many ways reviving. The weather has been absolutely stunning with fresh spring breezes (ok, it's full on windy here), buds on the trees and flowers taking their turn to bloom. I've been buzzing around the city like a busy bee, with a million things to do, like, getting a haircut (long overdue), celebrating a friends birthday (Hi Rose!), enjoying the weather with an ice cream along the canals and finding plants and little bits and pieces for our nearly completed kitchen.

Obviously, all of that means hardly any time for this little blog of mine, but at least the sun is shining and it feels so good! We were without a web connection for a few days and it was very refreshing to spend more time reading and helping my handy Dutchman with his projects instead of at the computer. Ahh, the fun of living in a construction zone never ends! 

On Wednesday, I had an hour to spare and immediately grabbed my bike and headed straight to the park for a bit of reading. It was 20°c and I couldn't get enough! Who would imagine that me, a girl obsessed with hot, hot heat and sunshine, would ever in a million years be excited for 20°c (68°f is basically winter in Florida!) but there I was. Plus, since I work so much behind the computer it's great to have a break from artificial light and enjoy some quiet time in the fresh air just to read a real book all by myself.

My current book, Blog Inc was a sweet birthday gift from my mother and it arrived in perfect timing giving a push of motivation for organizing the Expat Blogger Brunch group with my friend and fellow blogger Kaitlin. It's a quick, informative read and I definitely recommended to other curious bloggers!

Now that the weekend is upon us, we'll hopefully finish the kitchen (fingers crossed, the end is near!) and then I can get back to editing my photos from Jolie's visit and our trip to Paris together.

Looking back, April has been such a crazy month and even Queen's Day will be taking place soon. Time sure is flying!

Can someone please remind me how lovely it's been this week when the unavoiadable rain arrives? Well, hopefully by then we'll have a cosy kitchen to hide away in...

Are you up to anything fun this weekend? Feel free to link up your posts to this one! Enjoy!


  1. Love all those's been great seeing signs of spring and warm weather.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. It's crazy how late spring came this year but hopefully that means a longer stretch of summer too!