Saturday, March 16, 2013

South Africa: Tree Top Canopy Zip Line

Remember when I spent three weeks in South Africa with my mother? It was the trip of a life time!
Then shortly after, I moved back to Holland, starting working three jobs, making new friends, traveling,  settling in and generally being distracted with dozens of other things. It seems a year has quickly snuck past since my last South Africa adventure post. Oops! 

But, over the rainy weekend, while chatting with my mom (who visits the Rainbow Nation almost weekly!) and dreaming of being back in the warm sunshine and sipping delicious white wines with my mother in the southern hemisphere...I finally allotted time to sit down to sort through my long lost hard drive and the dozens of drafts just waiting to be published!

To get caught up, have a look at what to pack, Safari in Kruger Park part one and part twoJohannesburg, the Cradle of Mankind and Sterkfontein caves.

Plus, close encounters with a cheetah, an early morning bush walk, elephants on paradepetting baby lionsflora and fauna, driving the garden route to Geofrey's Bay and the Addo Elephant Park! Phew! And we're only half way through the wonder I needed a break!

It's going to be a lot of fun reliving our trip and sharing it with all of you, enjoy!
After visiting the famous waves at Geofrey's Bay
we continued our day's drive heading along the south coast towards Tsitsikama National Park. 
During our drive the sun shined brilliantly and we arrived to our hotel in Storms River just in time for a little bit of exploring before the rains began.  I'd say this was one of the few disappointments during our trip, as we had planed to do lots of hiking, biking and nature oriented activities while staying in Tsitsikama. 

Despite the rain, we were able to complete a tree top canopy tour
My mom has always dreamed of doing a zip-line through the trees but to be honest, I was petrified!
Yes, I understand the irony of a very tall girl who is afraid of heights

We got an early start that drizzly morning and after an few instructional lessons our guides strapped us up with ropes and protective gear and soon after, we headed out into the forest and up into the trees!

My sweet mother could hardly contain her excitement my stomach was so uneasy during this crazy adventure that I tried to keep my eyes level with the gorgeous, surrounding greenery.
 I avoided looking down and held on tightly to whatever I could grip.
Needless to say, I laughed nervously during most of the canopy tour so, there's a serious lack of pictures from this portion of the trip. But I did it all for you, mom!

 The canopy tours not only serve tourists with an tourists with an eco-friendly experience but also educated us about the various plant and animal species of the forest.
As in, the canopy bridges were all built in a non-harmful ways so, nothing has been bolted into the trees. Respecting nature is definitely a priority but knowing that we were only balancing on carefully tied ropes didn't help my nerves at all (!!!)

I'm smiling because my feet are back on the ground!

Somewhere back in Florida is a most definitely hilarious video of my terrifying adventurous zip line experience too but let's skip that and move on to exploring Tsitsikama National Park instead... I'll be back with more travel posts next week, enjoy your weekend!


  1. Ah I've never been zip lining but have always wanted to go!

    1. You should! I mean, clearly, the experience terrified me but in the end, I'm glad I went!