Friday, March 1, 2013

Florida Snapshots II

Aside from the fact that it's basically summertime year 'round,
the abundance of green leaves and bright blooms is something I miss most about living in Florida.
(Even typing that made me shudder as Amsterdam is still stuck in winter) 

I'm a nature girl at heart and growing up in Florida provided endless afternoons swimming in the pool with friends, raising pet chickens in the back yard, 
canoeing at natural springs, hiking trails near one of the world's tallest trees
long days at the beach and searching for manatees during the 'winter' season.
Whilst visiting back home for a few weeks last month, I couldn't resist capturing topical hued photos with ocean blues, glowing sunrises and sunsets,
plush, dangling spanish moss, colorful flora and fauna...

And since about half the world is currently experiencing the dark, grey tones of winter's final stretch, 
it seemed fitting to add a burst of color today.


Spring, won't you please come soon!?

Here's some weekend reading: a few fun posts from life in Florida...
Spending the day at a Native American Powwow
A day trip to St. Augustine and one of my favorite restaurants
Wandering a gigantic corn maze
The Salvador Dali museum


  1. I just returned from Florida as well: three lovely days along the beaches and enjoying the restaurants and sunsets from Tampa. It is so nice to get some warm weather and sunshine again! The storms blew in just as the business meetings started in Jacksonville, shaving 20 degrees F off the temperatures and prompting tornado warnings every morning. But your pictures capture the early week perfectly.

    1. Tampa is a lot of fun too! Did you visit the Salvador Dali Museum? It's one of my favorites. Thanks for checking out my photos! :)