Saturday, March 9, 2013

Five Things | Vijf Dingetjes

Much like my pal Liz, I've seen the 'five things' posts floating around instagram.
After reading her recent post, it seemed fun to join in!

So here are my vijf dingetjes (as the Dutch would say)...

[one | een]
I'm afraid of heights. Sure, I understand the irony since I'm 5'11" but it's true. Growing up, I was always the tallest in my class (until a few boys in high school finally caught up). During our around the world travels, my mother tortured encouraged me to overcome this fear by climbing up the highest structures. Now, I can't think of St. Peter's Basilica without getting butterflies in my stomach, thanks a lot mom!

[two | twee]
I absolutely love salads. Mix a handful of chopped veggies, a few nuts, some fresh or dried fruit and yummy cheese together on a bed of spinach or baby greens with a splash of hot sauce or vinagrette and YUM! I'm a fruits + veggies fan and making crazy, random salads not only deliciously awesome,
it's also a perfect excuse to avoid the grocery store. Is it weird to crave salads??
Plus, turning leftovers into salads for a next day lunch is so tasty and clever. 

[three | drie]
I listen to NPR.  Not only as an excellent news source, but it's always been a part of my route. I grew up on Prairie Home Companion and NPR news was my go-to source back Florida (constantly stuck in traffic, yuck!) NPR programs are still a center piece of my daily, morning coffee routine here in Amsterdam. Oh, what's that? I'm listening to NPR, drinking coffee and writing this blog post. How typical. 

[four | vier]
I'm a list maker. Whether it's organizing weekend plans, notes in my agenda or shopping at the market, I have always loved planning and making lists (then checking them off!).
The process of writing things down on something tangible gives me clarity and motivation. Although, sometimes living in the moment can be touch while anticipating the next step, next adventure, next thing to add to the list. This trait tends to drive my Dutchman crazy but he appreciates all the fun activities and tasty meals I come up with. Fortunately, my need for structure and planning is key for my job as a lifestyle editor, so that's a win. 

[five | vijf]
I cycle to work, every day. This shouldn't come as a shock since Amsterdam is known for its obsessive cycling culture. Living and working in the city center means traveling by bike is usually the fastest route. Of course, I love the commute a lot more in the summer or on sunny days but this winter I only took the tram to work three or four times! 

Alright, that's enough about me, now I want to hear from you!

 If you've written a five things post be sure to share the link below,
this will be a fun blog link-up for the weekend!


  1. I've written my 5 for Friday here. I'm looking forward to going to Amsterdam. The Netherlands is one of those few places I didnt make it to when we were growing up in Europe. When we first got to England I worked next to a man who spoke Dutch and now I would really like to learn the language too. x

    1. Hi Bonnie, thanks for sharing your five things! Dutch is difficult to learn but it helps a lot to be surrounded by the language. Actually, I've only taken 2 courses (years ago) so most of what I've learned has been from interaction and I think that's the best way for me. Doei!

  2. I listen to NPR here in France everyday! Thank heavens for internet radio :)

    1. The wonders of the internet! :)