Friday, March 15, 2013

Around Town: City Snapshots

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate Friday's arrival.

This week dragged on while I attempted to fight off what's hopefully my last terrible cold of this winter season. On top of feeling generally gross, the weather here has been an irregular mix of dark looming clouds, fluffy snow flakes and beads of hail slightly interspersed with gorgeous blue skies and sunshine.

And in case you were curious, the combination of congestion and being pelted in the face with stinging bits of hail whilst riding a bike isn't pleasant at all. Now you know glamorous life is in Amsterdam!

Despite the irrational weather and feeling as gloomy as the clouds up above, I seem to find at least an ounce of daily inspiration in this darling city. The cobblestones and canals over here certainly have a special way of making little moments more pleasant and I often find myself hopping off my bike to capture a scene mid-commute.

 It's all about seeing the glass half-full, right??

 Here are a few different views from the past week...

Go ahead and have your crazy weather now, Amsterdam,
but please bring some warmer temperates, sunshine and spring!


Clearly, I'm hoping for a cosy, relaxing weekend but what about you? 


  1. Anonymous15.3.13

    Gorgeous pix...definitely more than half full, especially with sunshine!

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! And I hope you are feeling better now! I am ready for spring!

    1. Thanks Katrin, I am SO ready for spring, Amsterdam is still cold and grey. Hopefully the tulips will bloom soon and bring some color back to the city!

  3. I hope you got the cozy and relaxing weekend you were hoping for!