Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Amsterdam nearly in bloom

When sunshine makes a surprise appearance in Amsterdam,
everyone wakes from winter hibernation 
and suddenly pours into the streets, bike lanes and parks.

I absolutely love how sunshine illuminates the city! Don't you?
Give or take a few weeks and we'll have spring flowers budding everywhere. I can't wait!

It's still a bit early to completely say 'farewell' to winter yet, 
but in the last few days, we got a taste of what's to come (!!!) here in Amsterdam.

With the touch of sunshine and a new season springing up, the air, and my attitude, feels lighter and generally happier. But check again with me when the rainy days arrive...


After a few years in Amsterdam, blue skies and sunshine are a blessing, and often a surprise,
to be taken very seriously and enjoy to the fullest!

Plus, this change in seasons means it's actually light outside
during my cycling commute to and from work. Finally.

On Monday, I caught this amazing sunset view from the rooftop terrace at the office.
Catching a bird's eye view of Amsterdam, complete with a sunset
and the Rijksmuseum's silhouette, totally made my day!

No more hiding inside, soon we can head out for long bike rides in the countryside once again!

Yesterday, I met up with a friend in Vondelpark for an evening picnic dinner
and it seemed we weren't the only ones with such clever plans.
The park was buzzing with activity and trash cans overflowed with enough beer bottles to indicate a very fun day was had by many.
Ok, technically, we ate take out on a park bench but it's the first closest moment to picnic-ing this year! 

Hurry up spring, we're ready for you!


  1. I have been loving your photos on Instagram. Its nice to be able to live vicariously through others to places on my 'go to' list. I make lists too. I really love that capture you have of the sunset.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

    1. Thanks Bonnie! We really lucked out with some nice weather this week but unfortunately it's back to grey skies and rain today. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi Lily,

    Nice pictures! I had the same happy moments a week ago, but seems that this long winter will not give up so soon. Anyway, the spring will arrive, in the end, and, after such a long waiting, I bet it will be a great one!

    1. Hey there! I simply can't wait for spring, although that probably means the rain will arrive as well. Good thing we're amongst the Dutch and can always complain about the weather! :)

    2. Ha haaa! That's true! Nothing will stop me from complaining... except a good warm weather ;)