Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Wanderings: Snowy Trees and Sunshine

Winter's bitter chill has taken over Amsterdam for some time now
 and it seems the only gratification (aside from hiding inside with hot cocoa) 
 is the occasional glistening, snowy scenery.

Having grown up in Florida, with sunshine instilled in my spirit,
my loathe for winter's cold and sludge can hardly come as a surprise.

But instead of hiding inside, we made the most of last Sunday's lovely snow fall
and took a walk around our side of the city to enjoy wintertime
in the bright, gleaming sunshine.

My transplant to Holland's frosty climate hasn't always felt very inspiring,
but as the week passed by, this blanket of snow has since melted away,
which makes me glad to have captured this winter wonderland!

Despite how dreary this season typically is for me,
I was enchanted with the gleaming icy tree branches during our Sunday morning stroll.

So, there on our quiet weekend walk, with bright sun beams filtering through twisted tree tops,
old-man winter gifted me a dose of inspiration,
to get through the next few weeks of cold.

I hope you enjoy these tangled, snowy silhouettes as much as I did!


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