Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Quick Look Back on 2012

And just like that it's 2013, Happy New Year! 

As soon as the dust settled from Amsterdam's infamous do-it-yourself NYE fireworks display,
I jumped on a plane back to The States to visit with friends + family. 
We're five days into the new year and I just found a quiet moment to reflect on the whirlwind
of last year's experiences, changes and discoveries after a crazy holiday season.
One nice feature of jetlag is feeling productive in the early hours!

Here's a look back on a few of my favorite adventures 2012 had to offer...

Moving back to Holland, starting a new chapter with my Dutchman /// Driving to Ghent with Ellen

Tasting locally made treats at the PureMarkt /// Wandering Amsterdam's De Pijp neighborhood

Dancing to gypsy jazz in the forest /// Cycling through Dutch dunes

Visiting Friesland for a weekend getaway with my Dutchman /// Boating in France with Mama

Celebrating Amsterdam's famed Gay Pride Parade /// Picking apples with new expat friends

Soaking up the sun on my Dutchman's boat (!!!) manymany times

Stepping into the middle ages  /// Viewing the Van Gogh collection at the Kröller-Müller Museum

Have you taken time to reflect on last year too?
It seems the whole month of January is a good time to let it all soak in.
I've been brainstorming some new ideas for this little blog of mine 
and looking forward to what 2013 will bring.
But for now, it's time to chow down on Mexican food, play scrabble with my Granny
 and hug as many friends as possible... a great way to kick start to the new year!

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