Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: Autumn Apple Picking

You may have noticed through instagram or twitter that I spent the last Sunday of October
with a few of my favorite American ladies picking apples fresh from the orchard...

Carly and I were hoping to go strawberry picking over the summer (which completely flew by!)
so, apple picking was an equally fun, delicious alternative.
 Plus, when there's actually a sunny day in Holland the best thing to do is get outside!

We were lucky enough to have a gorgeous autumn day for our apple hunt.
Full of sun bursts, laughs and a few handfuls of crunchy apples freshly zelfgeplukt by yours truly.
A perfect fall day!


Just as expected for a group of bloggers,
we all snapped away taking photos our very hard work in the Olmenhorst orchard.

Go on and have a look at tales from a few of my fellow Amsterdam bloggers as well!
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