Friday, October 12, 2012

Odds + Ends: Hello, autumn!

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
- Albert Camus

Summer has left us, and so has my relaxed schedule.
I'm slowly settling into this crazy 40+ hour work week.
But I do plan to make another attempt at getting back to regular blogging.
(or something kind of like it)

Life is best when it's busy... but sometimes, woah.
Time has passed so quickly, I've been living back in Amsterdam for a bit over six months
and now here we are on the cusp of autumn!


Leaves are changing to lovely colors.
Amsterdam has a new color palette and I like it, a lot.
We visited the Pure Market on a sunny fall day. Delicious.

I'm definitely sure that the best way to stay warm
is by dancing around the kitchen, listening to the new Avett Brother's album
while baking sweets (and eating them hot out of the oven!)

So, I baked a banana cake...
it was gone in two days thanks to my hungry Dutchman.
Cinnamon scented kitchens are so cosy.

Then, Carly found this wonderful pear spice muffin recipe,
and we baked a few together.
Seriously, please bake these muffins, they will make your day magical.

If you have yummy autumn inspired recipes please share them!
(I'm dying to get my hands on some pumpkin puree)

I love the listening to the leaves crunch under my boots!
What about you?

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  1. i wish autumn looked as tolerable here in norway as it does down there in holland. it is COLDER than CRAP here right now! pretty, but freaking cold!

    1. Oh Megan, you are BRAVE! Anything under 10 celsius is my breaking point... is it summer yet!? HA!

  2. Anonymous18.10.12

    I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..