Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boating in France: Two Days in Sarreguemines

We started our canal boating holiday flying from Amsterdam to Strassbourg, France and then quickly nabbed a train north to Sarreguemines. Located in the Lorraine region, just along the Saar River, this cozy little village was one of my favorites during our canal boat trip.

Stocked with the typical French village expectations like a farmer's market and rustic old churches, this town also boosted some fantastic ceramic art and even it's own gorgeous flower tour! Literally, every corner, square and monument in Sareguemines was covered with bursts of colorful flowers! We spent an afternoon trekking around the city center and another portion of our stay included visiting the famed ceramic museums and the historic ceramic factory, famous for faience.

Our spot... not a bad view I'd say!

Colorful flower displays were found all over this little city!

A few charming examples of faience ceramics...

What a bummer this 50s style diner was closed for summer...

Touring the rustic grounds of the old mill and ceramics factory that's now a museum...

We took a very long stroll through the stunning gardens as well...

I just love days filled with wandering, exploring and snapping photos! Don't you? 


  1. these are some truly rad photos! loving the colors & angles. nice work!

  2. Is there anything better than a French village in the spring with all of the wildflowers blooming?

    1. Exactly! These gardens were amazing, the photos hardly do them justice :)

  3. looks amazing! Love those gardens!!