Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: The Warmest Day of the Year

 Last weekend, we were blasted with a few of my favorite things... 
warm weather and sunshine! 
The quick heat wave couldn't have arrived with better timing than over the weekend. 
Can you guess what we did?
Here's a hint... 

Grateful for the chance, we spent all of our weekend on the boat 
 with friends, wine and some live bluegrass guitar tunes. 
 Two practically perfect summer days on the boat left us tanned and in a sunny daze. 
 Plus, I did something that I swore I never would...


Thanks to the overwhelming heat (and wine??) I followed my Dutch friends and... 
jumped into the Amstel River! 
The Dutch will tell you time and time again that Amsterdam's famed canals 
are safe for swimming (I've seen it many times!)
but there's just no way I'd ever splash around in that murky city water.

However, after a few hours of floating along in the heat, out in the countryside,
a few kilometers outside of the city, we hopped in for a dip.
Here's a little secret: getting back in the boat without a ladder was not easy,
and it's left me with some pretty impressive bruises. Ouch.


I sure wouldn't mind a few more days like this before autumn rolls in.
A little positive thinking can't hurt, right?

What are your plans for the last weekend in August? 

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