Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: Pure Markt

Over in Oost, Amsterdam's Pure Markt was filled with dozens of food stands, crafts and local goodies.

 Visiting this market has been on my radar for a while so on Sunday 
I cycled over to Park Frankendael with my friend Sita to sample some tasty treats from local vendors. 

We browsed the vast selection from ice cream to crepes, 
fresh flowers to vintage posters... there was just so much to see (and taste)! 
Due to the amount of vendors we devised a fool proof plan and divided the market in half, 
heading down one side for sampling and snacking here, then repeated our delicious method of nibbling while making our way back to our picnic blanket 
to devour the rest of our edible treasures.

This food festival was a lovely way to end my whirlwind weekend.
My prediction is many more PureMarkt visits in the coming months, I can't wait to go back!

I nabbed some local honey to sweeten my morning coffee at home. 
Other favorites included: veggie samosas, chickpea salad, 
a courgette pita sandwich with tzatziki and a scoop of raspberry ice cream!

Various times and locations, see website
Free entrance, bring cash if you want to eat!

Happy Friday! 
Can you believe we're almost back to the weekend already? 
I'll be celebrating with the masses at Amsterdam Pride! 
Are you going to watch the famous canal parade tomorrow?


  1. let's go to the next one! We'll need to be properly...'prepared' ;)...I need to eat ATLEAST 3 samosas this time! lol. We can pre-game it at my place!!! :)

    1. Oh, for sure!! There's also a market at the westergasfabriek this Sunday too! Let's jut see how the weather turns out :)