Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Floating Down The Amstel

 Here's a few from last weekend's boat ride along the Amstel River. Boating in Amsterdam holds many special memories, since my Dutchman and I used to take boat rides almost every weekend the summer we first started dating...

Now that he has finished fixing up his boat we can continue our summer tradition! We were (finally) able to take the boat out for a day trip to Oude Kerk aan de Amstel, a cute little village that's also accessible by bike if you're looking for a fun cycling trip.


It's fun to find a secret spot along the water and stop to take in a bit of Dutch countryside or enjoy an afternoon picnic with friends...which is exactly what we did!
See how nice a summer's day can be when it isn't raining here?

 I think everyone who passes through Amsterdam should have 
at least one leisurely boat ride, preferably with a local guide.
(those touristic boat taxis are probably handy for scenic rides but I don't find them gezellig at all!)
Have you ever floated along Holland's famed canals or rivers? 


  1. HOW great is instagram?! good pics...have fun on your vacay in france, so jealous! xx

    1. Oh yes, I'm kinda obsessed with instagram now (not surprising at all)! France was dreamy, let's go for a boat ride soon and catch up! xx

  2. I'm adding canal adventures to my next trip to Holland. It's settled.