Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: Cycling Through the Dunes

Over the weekend, we went for a day trip to enjoy the beach at Zandvoort aan Zee.
We packed my bike bags with beach necessities, headed to Central Station
to grab our train tickets. Here in Holland, the land of bike lovers, it's an affordable €6 extra to bring your bike along.

Half-an-hour later we arrived at the shoreline.
Instead of staying in the busy main beach area,
we cycled away from the city center and into a protected nature reserve.
After peddling up and down through the dunes, we found what we thought would be
a relaxing, secluded piece of beach...
turns out what we thought was a secret spot was actually a section of the nude beach!
I suppose the beach patrons really enjoy nature the au naturel way, ha!


Fortunately, not that many people make the effort to cycle far down the shore
and we had the beach practically to ourselves.
Oddities aside, we had a lovely afternoon soaking up the sunshine.
Beaches here in Holland aren't quite like back home in Florida,
but a trip to the sea during summer time is always a good idea...
just remember to get back under shelter before the afternoon thunderstorms roll in!

I just love going for cycling adventures around Holland,
let me know if you have any recommendations for nice places to visit!

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