Monday, August 27, 2012

Canal Boat Adventures in France

I never take for granted how lucky I am to have an adventurous mom who can fly anywhere at the drop of a hat (hint: she's a flight attendant).
She often pops over to Amsterdam for a visit and we've taken countless trips around the world together.
Better yet, her jet-set lifestyle has cultivated a wonderful network of fun, interesting friends who provide excellent adventure opportunities all over the globe.

Jack and Sue, are some of my mother's long time pals and (fortunately for us!) one of the many boats they own resides in France. Just like my mama, I'm always up for a new adventure so, when I was invited to tag long for their annual summer boat trip, the answer was an enthusiastic "YES!"

The four of us spent a week together, floating along canals in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France.
We had a week of gorgeous sunshine, stopped to browse delightful French villages, savored local flavors and of course, I snapped photos along the way.

First, we flew into Strasbourg from Amsterdam, and rode the train north to Sarguimmines
passing through country scenes...


Later, we slept along dreamy canals (this was my favorite spot!)..

We stopped in villages and wandered markets, full of fresh goods...

And passed adorable, historic lock houses like these...
 Wouldn't it be fun to open a little cafe
for boaters and cyclists along the historic towpaths?

Daily, we indulged in scrumptous treats...

And surveyed the scenes, visiting small villages along the canals...


With only four of us, everyone had a task to do in helping the boat in-and-out-and-up-and-down the locks. Actually, this was the first time I'd ever even been in a lock before!
Some of them were occuring often, making for a pretty busy afternoon of boat riding.

I'll be back with more soon, in the mean see check out this map of where we visited...

View Alsace-Lorraine Canal Boat Trip in a larger map

Have you ever visited the Alsace-Lorraine area? This trip was very go-with-the-flow so I didn't do much research before-hand. Do you usually research a vacation or just wing-it?


  1. when i was scrolling down i thought 'dang those berries look amazing'...and then i got to the bread. dangit ;) your post may make me ruin my diet for the day (kidding of course). gorgeous photos!

    1. Haha! Thanks Megan! I can't resist taking food pictures... and then munching the food immediately after of course! How's your summer of traveling been??

  2. Great trip! Color me absolutely jealous!

  3. love all these photos! totally captured the essense of your trip i think :)

    1. Thanks ELZ, I think so too :)

  4. Anonymous28.8.12

    Awaiting more posts, photos and editorils...ei:the faence mill.

  5. you're lucky your mom is a flight attendant! beautiful photos, looks like such a nice place :)

    1. It's definitely nice that she's able to come visit Amsterdam too :)