Monday, August 20, 2012

Amsterdam Pride Parade

Here are a few snaps from the Amsterdam Pride festivities earlier in August.
 Just a little something to fill the intermittent time after coming back from a holiday of
floating along the canals in northeastern France...

I've enjoyed this wild street party and canal parade combo a few times before and spent this year's celebrations along the Prinsengracht dancing, sipping wine
and enjoying the sunshine with friends. 
You probably won't be shocked to hear that during the boat parade we saw more glitter, rainbows and short-shorts than you could ever imagine!


 Back in Amsterdam, we spent all weekend out on the boat. 
They say it was the hottest day of the year too! 
So, needless to say my brain is temporarily fried from the sunshine... Such fun! 
 I'll be back soon with some stories and photos about boating in France,
 that is, once I find time to finish sorting through all the photos...
In the mean time, you can follow my Instagram photos right here.
Happy Monday!

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