Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: De Pijp

When the sun shines... life in Amsterdam suddenly turns upside down.
Moods brighten, streets and bike paths are crammed,
lines for a scoop of ice cream exceed a ten-minute wait.
Oh, and good luck finding an available seat on any terrace in the city,
since they're all jam-packed with patrons trying to soak up sunbeams while it lasts.

I've spent the past few Saturday afternoons with good friends, sipping lattes,
sharing a slice of our favorite cheesecake, indulging in a few sweet macarons 
and doing a bit of afternoon shopping the famous Albert Cuyp Market under clear, blue skies. 

{My ultimate favorite cheesecake at De Vredespijp}
{Orange blossom candles bring a bit of Florida to my home over seas}

{Bright blooms}

{Lattes + Macarons}

{Market stands filled with color}

Do you have a favorite place to shop, relax and eat in your city?
I love that Amsterdam is condensed and easy to cycle around
making it possible to visit a few different neighborhoods all in one day...
But somehow I always end up back in De Pijp.

Hope you had a fun weekend!

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