Saturday, July 21, 2012

Odds+ Ends Summertime

Until this weekend, it has rained daily without fail for the few last weeks.
Although stormy weather in excess becomes unbearable quite quickly,
it also means finally catching up on that never ending to-do list
(hello, organized closet and finally editing some videos from our South Africa trip!) 
and adding indoor activities like yoga, trips to the cinema and museum visits into the mix.

While working on a few rainy day projects, I realized it's been a while
since the last odds + ends post so, here you go... Happy Sunday!

1. Little birds singing good-morning songs
{Sweet tunes to accompany my morning coffee}

2. Evening bike rides + sunsets
{Everything is better when Mama comes to town!}

3. Even after countless visits, this was Mama's first tour at the Rijksmuseum
{Avoid early mornings, the afternoon is the best time to go!}

4. Fulfilling my never-ending craving for spicy Mexican food at Tomatillo
{My pick: veggie fajita burrito + pineapple salsa. Always.}

5. Despite the downpours, we managed to have a few bursts of summer now and then
{Funny how just a touch of sun literally brightens up the day!}

A new hot yoga studio just opened and I treated myself to ten unlimited days of heat + yoga.
Seems to be this is the only place I can finally feel warm during the recent
drenched, chilly days we've been having.
Sometimes it's an effort to make it to class but yoga is my favorite way to recover from the 14 hour work days that have been popping into my schedule lately.

This morning, is bright and blue-skied,
a reminder that pleasant days can exist here Amsterdam,
Now, I'm off to relish in the sun before it sets once again.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Anonymous22.7.12

    Birdies, biking, burritos, art and some sunshine...not bad!