Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Evening of Gypsy Jazz

After enjoying the sunshine at an expat 4th of July picnic, a few Dutch friends led me on a wild goose chase out of the city into a magical, forest fully of gypsy jazz. We rode our bikes far into the woods and ended up somewhere hidden along the shores of the Nieuwmeer where we found a bohemian oasis nestled deep in the forest at Le Petit Samois Festival.

After trekking past the city boundaries we ended up in a rustic, artist's community where we met up with friends and spent the evening under the stars. Better yet, the entire night, aptly named Petit Samois, was full of gypsy jazz tunes like one of my favorites, Minor Swing. I couldn't help but imagine we were living in the film Chocolat.


We had a fantastic time discovering this unique little festival. Hopefully we can venture back next year! A 45+ minute bike ride home in the rain was a slightly disappointing end to such a lovely evening but hey, you can't win 'em all, right? Carpe Diem!

Now go ahead and try not to tap your toes to Django's jazzy tunes...


  1. so cool! what a unique way to spend the evening; i like the secrecy of it too. jazz is definitely a favorite of mine, we'll have to scope out future venues together for sure!

    1. it was so much fun and yesssss, let's go adventuring and discover more funky fun stuff together this summer!

  2. So jealous! Btw, this is the second post I've seen today regarding gypsies. Must be something about summertime. Okay, off to listen to some gypsy tunes.