Monday, July 23, 2012

Around Town: Poptasi Pastry

My return to Amsterdam this spring coincided with the happy discovery that
a genuine macaron bakery had opened... to say I was excited is an understatement.
There's just something special about eating a delicate, flavorful macaron,
it's no wonder these miniature pastries are back in the spotlight lately!

After devouring handfuls of these round, delicious sweets
it's about time they got their own spot on this blog.

Just thinking of the salted caramel macaron {my favorite!} 
from Poptasi Pastery makes my mouth water.
As do the pistachio, chai tea, chili chocolate, vanilla bean, pineapple and speculaas flavors...
I might be borderline obsessed with these treats lately, but can you blame me?
There is a reason this bakery's slogan reads, 'Dangerously Delicious Macarons'!

This funky, little bakery is down the street from the Albert Cuyp Market
where I happen to do most of our grocery shopping.
Sometimes, I find the temptation to pop in for a little treat hard too hard to resist.
And when I drop by, it's never a surprise
that I have to stop myself from buying one of each flavor.
The baker always kindly assures me that most customers have this problem too.

I try to indulge slowly, savoring the flavors with small bites,
but soon enough my little box is empty and I find myself thinking,
"Why did I only choose four!?"
After that, I remind myself
that I don't want to have to purchase new pants as well.

I'm waiting for my chance to nab a spot in one of their (consistently sold out!) baking workshops
as it seems that creating these flavorful, bite-size cookies is quite a lengthy process.
Am I ever really going to buy a few kilos of almond flour and make them at home?
Probably not.
But I can easily come up with a good reason to cycle past, peak in their window,
 and pick up a few more macarons just to say I've tasted each one...
All in the name of research, I swear! 

Poptasi Pastry
Gerard Doustraat 103
Open Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-17.00

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