Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tales from Amsterdam's Infamous Beer Bike

It probably won't surprise you when I mention
 that it can be tough making new friends while living abroad.
This aspect of life generally takes a long time to develop,
no matter where you are in the world.
Fortunately, I've really lucked out here in Amsterdam
and collected a solid amount of fantastic people to spend time with.

That said, there are lots of reasons why I'm glad to call Ellen my friend...
Of course, the predictable answers come to mind- like sharing laughs and a massive amount common interests, or our off color humour and propensity for travel adventures.
But she's also the type gal who'd rent the beer bike for her birthday
 and simply put, that's my kind of friend!


Gathered together were a bunch of rowdy Americans + one equally wild Dutchman
and we cycled in-synch for a few hours on what's basically a gigantic beer keg on wheels.
 {no worries, we had a sober driver of course!}
Given the outrageous circumstances our group was also quite a sight to see
and it's safe to say we gave passers by a pretty fun show.
After that night, I'm curious to find out how many random 'Amsterdam vacation' photo albums we're now archived in forever... Kind of a weird concept to think about, isn't it??

A bumpy ride on this leg-and-booze-powered machine basically guarantees
that you'll end up in a sticky, beer covered mess within the first 10 minutes.
I was more focused on enjoying my biertjes while peddling my thighs numb
and left the photo snapping responsibility up to a few of my lovely blogger friends.
So ladies, hurry up and post your pictures, I can't wait to see them!

{photo via Jana}

By the end of it all, we managed to stumble safely off the massive bierfiets and catch a glimpse of the budding sunset over het ij before heading in the the city center
to keep Ellen's birthday celebrations going.
What a night! And just in case you're still wondering... great fun was had by all!

Update: Good news, you can read Ellen's view of her birthday shenanigans right here.


  1. what a sweet, thoughtful post lily, thank you! glad you enjoyed the beerbike as much as i seemed only appropriate for my birthday. :)

    can't wait to make tons more memories together over the upcoming months.


    1. oh yeah this summer will be lots of fun! but first, hot yoga detox to make up for the crazy beer bike experience :)