Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: Amsterdam's Zuidermarkt

A Saturday morning visit to De Zuidermarkt has been on my 'to-do' list for a while.
Finally, inconvenient factors like bad weather didn't get in the way 
and I was able to visit this biologisch co-op market 
with my friends EllenCarly and Rachael.

Back in Florida I'd often meet up with friends on Saturdays
 to check out local farmer's markets,
 for local orange blossom honey, sweet citrus and freshly popped kettle corn.
(Orlando friends, you know stuff is so addictive!)

Over here the prices are typically better at local markets and
picking up fresh fruits, veggies and flowers is one of my favorite tasks
associated with daily life here in Amsterdam.
Plus, it's always fun to taste different cheeses, pick out the sweetest mangos 
and rummage through various stands full of yummy goodies. 
For example, De Zuidermarkt has a lot of rotating vendors 
so you're sure to find something different each time.

My original plan was to pick up some local honey at this co-op market,
as I've heard that it can help deter seasonal allergies
(my sinuses have been very unhappy in Holland these days). 
It's a shame the honey stand wasn't in attendance this week,
 but I made up for it by slurping down a glass of strawberry-orange juice,
 eating a giant, crunchy chocolate-chip-walnut-cookie and later
picked up a few savoury pies from De Pie Man, one of my local favorites!

Vegetarian lentil curry pie + Avocado salad

Jacob Obrechtstraat + Johannes Verhulststraat (Oud Zuid neighborhood)
Every Saturday, 9.30-17.00


  1. DELISH! Ahhhh kettle corn :) Miss you!

    1. Awww, I really miss our sunny Saturdays + kettle corn days. Hugs from Amsterdam!

  2. Anonymous25.6.12

    Yummy looking market. Delightful time. Thanks!