Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Visiting Friesland: Leeuwarden Canal Tour

We headed out for a boat tour of the Leeuwarden city center during our spontaneous visit to the northern province of Friesland.
To be honest, we endured a bit of a wild goose chase to find where the boats launched
(turns out, it's in the city center, near the bridge at the Nieuwsteeg)
but we eventually made it and luckily, my Dutchman was able to charm our way
 into the previously sold out canal boat!
There's something so pleasant and enjoyable about floating slowly along the water
and seeing a city from the duck's point of view...


Thankfully, we were able to enjoy some sunshine that day for our hour long floating tour.
My Dutchman likes to tease that I always pick 'old people' things to do when traveling.
Well he can go ahead and tease me because regardless of our numerous white haired shipmates,
this boat ride was one of our favorite features of the weekend!


Since the guide spoke in Dutch only I was able to work
on my listening comprehension as well. Who needs inburgering courses when you can take a fun, historic canal tour instead!?

Want more? Catch up on our trip to Leeuwarden right here.

Leeuwarden Canal Boat Tour
Adults €5, Children €2.50
50 minute tours, Tuesday-Sunday, Various times

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