Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: Visiting Friesland

My Dutchman and I took advantage of the four-day weekend and rode the train
a few hours north to the province of Friesland.
Now that the weather is warming up we want to explore more areas of The Netherlands
plus, neither of us had visited Friesland for a while.
In the 90's I drove around the country side with my mom to look up our relatives! 

 For this trip, we did a little bit of planning and then left the rest up to chance discoveries. Fortunately, we had great weather (!) and just took it easy with some of our favorite things like visiting museums, wandering odd alleys, taking boat rides, drinking beers along the canal and picnicking in the park.

Here area few snapshots from our visit, enjoy!


Did you know...
Leeuwarden: province's capital city with a charming historic city center
Friesian: the unique local language spoken in this area
(sadly, we didn't hear much spoken during our visit)
Elfstedentocht: a rarely occurring ice skaing race through Frisian cities
 (first all the canals freeze must freeze!)
3 hours: approximate travel time from Amsterdam -->Leeuwarden (you pass a lot of cows and sheep)
Leeuw: Dutch for lion (or liuw in Frisian)


I'll share more about the neat places we visited in Leeuwarden later this week.
I've spent the last few afternoons soaking up delicious rays of sunshine after work instead of coming home and blogging, over here the illusive sun can disappear as quickly as it arrived so it's always best to enjoy while it lasts.

Now, I'm heading off for a leisurely bike ride and our first book club meeting! Hooray!


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for posting! I love the Netherlands!

    1. Hey Katrin, glad you enjoyed this post, I'm looking forward to more trips around The Netherlands now that summer is (finally) here!

  2. Friesland is a great place. Nice photos.

  3. Lovely pictures. I also, liked the "Did you know..." section.

    1. Cool, good to know! Maybe it's something I'll start including in posts more often.