Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Wanderings: French Countryside Wedding

Following the weekend of Queen's Day madness, I joined my Dutchman 
and a few of his life long friends for a six hour drive to France...

Our road trip was filled with the usual laughs, songs and mindless snacking. As expected, the six hour drive was filled with conversation so, there were more than enough moments 
where I desperately tried to keep up with the Dutch. 
Does anyone else out there get confused and think there's a pause in the conversation 
when really there wasn't? It's so embarrassing! 

When it comes to speaking Dutch my translations are sometimes spot on but later on, 
I'll comprehend another comment completely backwards! 
Knowing I have something clever or interesting to say in English 
while lacking the comprehension to say in what I mean in Dutch becomes unbelievably frustrating.

Fortunately, I'm not the only foreign girl in their close-knit group and everyone is very understanding of the situation but that doesn't always make fitting in feel any easier. 
Often, I wish my timing and jokes could easily transcend cross-culturally. Oh well, it all takes time. Expat friends, I'm sure you've felt this way too sometimes, right??

(End rant) Let's see some pretty pictures of France now...

We passed countless fields of these bright yellow flowers. Any idea what they're full of? 
My Dutchman says they're flax (as in the oil). I'm not completely sure but aren't they lovely?

The friends of my Dutchman live in an adorable, tiny French village located a few hours south of Paris. You won't be surprised when I mention that we got lost more than once on our way. 
The final arrival paid off, I couldn't believe how darling their village was! 
Of course, I felt compelled to share a few photos of this charming, rustic scene...

The couple was married in the villages historic city hall, with a quick, sweet civil ceremony.
Later, the wedding party headed to a quaint country estate for dinner and dancing.
I'm not sure if this is typical for French weddings but
there were quite a lot of jokes, skits and songs for and about the couple.
At times the scene felt like a bit of a roast, so it's really a shame I could hardly understand anything! Finally, we got the dance party started and didn't retire until sunrise
when we crashed in tents set up in the garden.
After a day of rain and hail, this cold, muddy experience was hardly romantic.
Good thing our drive home took us through a few more darling villages
 which somewhat distracted from my sore feet and neck cramps.

Have you taken any road trips lately?
I'd love to hear any new suggestions for places to visit via Amsterdam.
I'm definitely more of a 'city girl' but there's something special about enjoying peace and quiet in country side. Next time we visit France I hope there's at least a tiny bit of time left for Paris since I haven't visited in what feels like forever! 

Here in Holland we have a four-day weekend, I'm looking forward to exploring somewhere new with my Dutchman. What are your plans? Happy weekend!


  1. Those fields are full of rapeseed. It's used to make oil that's delicious and healthier than olive oil- if you can get your hands on some, do! We've got it all over Yorkshire, and we use rapeseed oil for almost everything (that needs oil...)! Very cool to experience another culture's wedding traditions- too bad it wasn't all understandable!

    1. Thanks! I will check the bio store, don't think I've had it before but it's nice to try new things!

  2. Anonymous19.5.12

    I thought it was Flowering Mustard...but, actually I thin that is another name for the same plant. There are fields of it all over New Zealand, too.

  3. Anonymous19.5.12

    Beautiful photos, too.

  4. We have loads of yellow fields at the moment - ours are rapeseed. Don't know if yours are exactly the same, though, and for all I know flax might also flower yellow! :)

  5. Wow, it looks really awesome - there's a very nice rustic feel to the photos! Thinking of visiting the Netherlands later this summer, would definitely be great to see some Dutch sights in person :)

  6. Oops, meant to hit enter between the two sentences - I know the photos are of France (definitely going there though :)

  7. holy crap that wedding sounds AWESOME! Slept in tents?! And the village... it's so adorable!

  8. What an inspiring, romantic wedding. I am Italian wedding planner and I am always looking for ideas and stimulus. Thank you for this.