Saturday, April 28, 2012

Queen's Day is fast approaching

This week everyone is getting excited for Queen's Day but today, I just can't seem to fake it... this weather absolutely sucks! American friends, imagine having the 4th of July on a cold, grey, rainy weekend. Sounds pretty lame right? My bad attitude may be attributed to the last few months away from Florida sunshine. But the Dutch always say good weather arrives for Koninginnedag on April 30th...


See what I mean? Maybe it's some kind of orange miracle? Let's see what happens but I'm more than ready for a few bursts of sunshine and picnic weather to last longer than one day.

The last time I celebrated this crazy orange holiday it was ridiculously fun, chaotic and frankly, exhausting towards the end, so I think we'll take things a bit easier this year...

Celebrating Queens Day 2010 in style. (Yes, that means wearing fancy bathrobes and lots of orange)

This year we'll get things started on Queen's Night which happens to be a friend's birthday celebration (Happy birthday, Liz!) Then we'll try for an rise early the following morning to check out goods at the famous vrijmarkt (my Dutchman is always convinced he'll find loads of antique treasures, ha!) To clear up any confusion, you can read a humorous account of the festivities over at the blog Invading Holland.

Check back here next week to see how we survived the wild sea of orange. In the meanwhile, take a few minutes this clip from the Dutch series Nederland van Boven (Netherlands from Above). We've been watching this interesting series together after dinner, adding Dutch subtitles helps improve my vocabulary!

Sure, it's in Dutch but you'll get the essence of how wild this holiday celebration can get!

Have a great weekend and for those of you in Holland enjoy your Koninginnedag!


  1. Have an awesome Queen's Day and be safe!

    PS. What amazing footage, but did you find the music creepy in the least? It cracked me up. (:

    1. Hey Valerie, hope you have a great day of drunken orange bliss too!
      Typically, I like the instrumental music on the other episodes of the show, but you this one in particular you're right- it really doesn't fit and sounds kinda eerie! I guess someone in the editing room wasn't paying attention :)

  2. This morning the weather seemed really good. Now it's returned to quite good but that is still better then the 'meh' we've had most of the week.