Friday, April 13, 2012

Odds + Ends {Girls Night!}

You know what isn't awesome about being off work for 'spring break'? 
Having a head cold...all week.
 Here in Holland, they think two paracetamol and a nap will cure everything.
(not sure if I agree on that)
Now it's Friday and I'm still in a fog (what can you expect for Friday the 13th?)
Hopefully it's nothing a glass of oj and a few dayquil can't fix!

The main reason I'm cranky is that I finally had the opportunity to host GIRLS NIGHT! 
Six silly ladies in our apartment is an amount of estrogen that would drive my Dutchman insane
so this probably won't happen too often. 

My gal pals in Florida used to gather (almost) every Wednesday for wine, sweets 
and a few rounds of Dance Central (if you haven't played this game you're seriously missing out!). 
Since returning to Amsterdam a handful of great au-pair girl friends have moved away...
it's simply been too long! 

Five awesome things about tonight...

I recently discovered this store while heading back from the market and can't wait to pop in.
Today Kaitlin and I are going to pick up a box and indulge ourselves!

Girl talk. 
Sometimes, a gal just needs to giggle with her friends 
Ya' know what I'm sayin'?
(Too bad we don't actually have this game to play!)

Tasty treats. 
We're going to whip up a few varieties of bruschetta.
Goat cheese + caramelized onions + balsamic glaze...
Nutella + strawberries...
(I'll post our delicious creations later!)


White wine sangria. 
I did mention it's ladies night, right? 
Fizzy + fruity cocktails are a must!


Who knows what we'll end up watching
but I'm sure Amelie is on the list.

Have a fun filled weekend!
Now, I'm gonna go lay down and conserve energy for giggles and sangria tonight.
In the mean time go check out the Friday List over at Company of Clever!
'Cause Ellen is awesome and it will make her smile.

PS. We are starting a book club! Any suggestions for us?
Right now I'm reading Unlikely Destinations: The Lonely Planet Story and it's wonderful!


  1. I have a cold too!!! The whole time we were in CA I was sick...BOO! Hope you feel better. Wish we could play Girl Talk together :)

    1. Feel better sweet bunny! Come and visit we will get macaroons totally play Girl Talk, I'm sure there's an app for that these days HA! xoxo

  2. That sangria looks AMAZING! Feel better.

    1. Thanks Andi, I'm all better now :) and the sangria we made was SUPERB! I'm going to post the recipe soon!


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