Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bruschetta Smörgåsbord

Remember how excited I was to finally host a ladie's night? Well, it turned out to be perfectly delightful and delicious evening full of international expat friends. Actually, this weekend was so much fun it's left me feeling really lucky to have rounded up such a nice group of ladies to wine, dine and explore the city with!

For our menu... I thought it would be fun, simple and budget friendly to create a few varieties of Bruschetta. We all brought a different toppings like soft goat cheese, bright red tomatoes, caramelized onions, mozzarella, smoked salmon, feta, courgette, basil and of course fresh baguettes. Everyone pitched with cooking, so the kitchen was filled with gossip, laughter and free flowing white wine sangria!

You can't go wrong with a classic! 

While my gal-pals sliced and diced, I made a simple oil with crushed garlic + pepper + herbs to drizzle on top of the baguette pieces before adding the toppings. We all voted (haphazardly) on which toppings to use and then rotated rounds of eating and preparing while another batch of carb creations baked in my little oven.

What's great about this dish is the diversity- with so many toppings everyones preferences were satisfied.

Goat cheese + Honey + Herbs

Here are a few combinations that we loved: 
Garlic + Basil + Tomatoes + Mozzarella (the original) 
Caramelized onions + Courgette + Goat cheese (a favorite!)
Roasted courgette + Feta (+ smoked salmon for some)
Goat cheese + Honey + Herbs (of course!)

Towards the end, we mixed this and that together until practically every crumb had been devoured. Then we moved on to brownies for dessert and somehow rolled out stuffed bellies over to the couch to watch Dirty Dancing. What a flavorful, fun night, I can't wait for the next one!

PS. Check back here tomorrow for the white wine sangria recipe. It's refreshing and especially perfect for once the weather warms up (hopefully that will happen soon??)


  1. It was like the best weekend ever! I keep on starting a post about it, but then I realize I didn't take a single picture! What kind of lame blogger am I?

    I can't wait for the next one! What a great group of ladies!

    1. hahah no worries, I only took three pictures, thanks a lot to all the sangria distracting me! It was such a fun weekend, you'll have to come stay here again!

  2. I do need to get going on finger-food again - I've been focused on desserts and sides (potato puree and gnocchi just come out wierd, so far), leaving me to serve nuts and baked brie for a starter. These are great suggestions!