Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Around Amsterdam : Walking Through History

We enjoyed the long weekend relaxing at home with friends and wandering the city together. My Dutchman discovered that historical World War II guided maps were available at the Verzet Museum (Dutch Resistance Museum) for only fifty-cents! So we headed through the Plantage neighborhood and began our walking tour...

The Dockworkers Monument commemorates a large strike against the Jewish arrests in 1941

The tour takes about 90 minutes and set to begin at the Anne Frank Museum in the Jordan then wanders through the city center over to the Verzet Museum in the east (except, we did things backwards for convenience). 

Did you know that Amsterdam was under German control for five years? We were really absorbed into the history of the city and the Dutch resistance. The tour includes some of the more gruesome moments of WWII, it was truly wake up call that these events happened right where we live. There were spots here and there I pass almost every day and didn't even realize were tied to the war. Being surrounded by history is something I find so interesting about living here in Amsterdam!

I'd really recommend this for anyone interested in related topics, plus, you simply can't beat the price of this walking guide!

Do you know of any other cheep (free?) self guided walking tours of Amsterdam? I'd love to know!

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