Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has sprung!

I've joked before that I'm satisfied with Dutch weather as long as it's not freezing cold or pouring rain (which happens far too often). Well, throw in some warmer temperates and actual sunshine and I start to get pretty excited!

After spending a chilly weekend in doors watching movies and making the most of our museumkaartjes at  Het Scheepvaart Museum  it was lovely to get some fresh air. I spent yesterday playing tourist with an au pair friend from back in the day. We wandered the city with our cameras while snapping pictures of colorful spring buds and historic gabled buildings along the canals. Not a bad day, I'd say!

We started out the day at Waterlooplein and took in some sunshine while sipping lattes. Then walked over beside the Nieuwmarkt, headed through Dam Square, along the Kalverstraat, into the Begijnhof and crossed back through Rembrantplein. The city was busy buzzing with character and lots of people outside enjoying the weather.

Since spring is finally, just aboutofficially, here, I'll go ahead and take credit for bringing the sunshine all the way from Florida. I'm really looking forward to more sunny days enjoying coffee on the terrace and hopefully a sunny day for a boat ride sometime soon, right Ellen?? Fijne lente!

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  1. wow- for the first time I miss amsterdam! Going to a cafe just to get a latte, walking around the canals.... :( I'm planning a visit there soon, we'll have to meet up!! Anyways, beautiful photos!!