Friday, March 23, 2012

Odds + Ends {Springtime}

The weather has been magically wonderful this week and the city is buzzing with spring fever, myself included! Despite being a true Florida girl when it comes to loving sundresses, sandals and sunshine year 'round, there is something special to acknowledge about the changing seasons.

In the last two weeks since arriving back to Holland there have been a few blustery, cold days followed by wind, sun and rain. It's no secret that weather in The Netherlands is quite sporadic. Let's just say it only took a few days of cold weather and grey skies to make me a appreciate the sun in a special way.

It's incredible how much nice weather and a quick boost of vitamin d can happily affect your mood.
So, here are seven things I'm looking forward to this spring (which might happen to be what I look forward to each and every spring!) 

Relaxing in the sunshine
Perfect for one of my favorite pastimes... picnic parties!

 Pretty blooms
It's time to get serious about planting a terrace garden.

Mijn verjaardag
Twenty-six is just around the corner, hoera!

Sipping drinks outside
No more evenings cooped up, time for fresh air.

Boat Parties
 Friends, beers, sunshine... on a boat. 'Nuff said.

Bright colors 
Even a glimpse brings instant happiness.

Bike rides
4500km of cycling routes in Holland, so many places to explore.

You know it's Friday, so of course I've linked up with Company of Clever, come and join us. 
Have a happy weekend!

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  1. ah look at your pretty yellow bike. looks like a photo out of a magazine, maam! and i hear ya on the bright colors thing, they are my favorite!