Friday, March 9, 2012

Odds + Ends | Back in Amsterdam

By the time you're reading this post I've already...
hugged my mom, laughed with friends, eaten too much Mexican food,
stuffed giant suitcases near the point of bursting,
stayed up too late with excitement
passed out from exhaustion,
and flown 5,000+ miles to arrive back in Amsterdam with mijn schatje!

After going back and forth a few times last year I'm primarily looking forward to settling down as another chapter in this Dutch adventure begins! Naturally, it's only appropriate for this week's Odds+Ends to include a few things I'm looking forward to in Holland.

Wandelen in de stad: One of our favorite things to do together is just wander the city. You know I love to ride my bike but walking offers a more relaxed experience for conversation, especially after a few months apart. It's a chance to see our neighborhood from a new perspective, take photos and discover a new shop or little cafe.

Mijn fiets. Oh, how I've missed my lovely yellow omafiets. I still remember the day I bought her back in 2009! My Dutchman kept her safe in storage through the winter so she's ready to ride through the city and take me on adventures when the weather warms up. (Summer, please come soon!) There's just something special about riding a bike in Holland, it makes me so happy! *Except when frozen hail smacks me in the face or the snow freezes on my eyelashes.

Nederlandse leren. Here's a little secret: I've hardly spoken or practiced Dutch in the last few months. Whoops. Well, okay, maybe a little here and there, on skype or when friends have come to visit from Holland. Let's be honest here, Dutch just isn't very useful in America. although, I spoke a little while visiting South Africa with a nice Belgian couple. Anyway, the point is, we're going to attempt an 'only Dutch at home' rule  see how long I can last. It will be nice to get that portion of my brain working properly again and I'm sure my friends will just love hearing me pronounce things with a funny Amerikaans accent.

(image source)

De Markt: If you follow my blog then you already know that shopping at local markets is one of my favorite things to do. Despite my partial annoyance with all the frequent stops because running errands in the city center isn't very streamlined (where's Target when I need it?) I'll stay entertained with daily market shopping for a while because it's fun to interact with the vendors, sample snacks and come home with a basket full of goodies to eat.

Biertjes. I know, it's going to stay cold in Holland for a while longer but there's nothing more gezellig than heading to a brown cafe and sharing a beer with friends. It's going to be nice to frequent my favorite spots in the city and catch up with my Amsterdam friends. Remember how much fun we had during our Friday Pie Day outings? I should do more of those soon, yum!

Lente. Two years ago I ventured to Keukenhof Gardens with an au pair friend of mine to enjoy the spring flower festival. It was a glorious sight to see and I can't wait for spring to arrive this year so we can get our little a few blooms out on our terrace garden.


What are you up to this weekend? I'll battling jetlag along with a variety of the aformentioned activities. Check back with me after a few months of cold, rain soaked bike rides and I'll be sure to come up with a list of things I miss about America but for now I'm content to make Amsterdam my home once again.

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Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. i have many things to comment on here, but one trumps them all...WHEN ARE WE HANGING OUT?? :)

    1. SOON! I just sent you an email, are you back from skiing yet?? :)

  2. Oh i love your bike! It's so... Dutch looking!! Enjoy living in Amsterdam!

  3. I'm more than a little jealous of ll that mexican food you stuffed yourself with! :)

  4. That food looks so good!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about my upcoming Costa Rica trip! I'm so jealous you've been to South Africa. That's definately on my list of travel destinations! :)