Wednesday, March 7, 2012

South Africa: Gathering Seashells at Jeffreys Bay

Driving along the N2 highway has probably been the most beautiful stretch of road I've ever passed through. As we made our way through the stretch of shoreline heading to Jeffrey's Bay I couldn't believe my eyes! The highway twists and turns through lush valleys and mountains on to our right and gorgeous blue ocean views to our left.


My mom wanted to stop at Jeffrey's Bay because of the famous 60's surfing movie Endless Summer and I'm so glad we did, just look at the view!

This strip of beach is one of the most famous surfing spots in the world. It would have been pretty cool to see some surfers trying to catch giant supertubes. Actually, I think it was a good thing we passed through before the heavy tourist season began since we had the beach practically to ourselves. The town itself was almost empty too, with row after row of surf shops and beach bars getting ready for the summer holiday.


I quickly dipped my toes in the Indian Ocean, it was waaay too cold for a swim!


We each collected a handful of colorful shells....

After our sunny stop we headed on to Tsitsikama National Park for a few days of nature adventures and ziplining as our Garden Route road trip continues...


  1. That is just the thing I needed to see this morning. It's cold and icy today here in Colorado.

    1. I'm glad the sunshine made you smile!

  2. pretty shells, they're so colorful!